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Functionality & Training Overview

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About us

Kiyiira Property Build Solutions provides industry standard property development software training and an independent advisory service to the industry.

Property development is not the same as it was yesterday. Property professionals understand the evolving challenges.

To tackle these challenges, leaders in the industry are focused on faster assimilation of data, deeper insights, and application of new technologies.

That’s where we come in… we will train your team in the use of leading industry-standard software and provide a ongoing support package to fit your budget.

Cash flow management is one of the most critical factors for the success of a property development project. Financing costs and difficulties can often come from a succession of actions. It is, therefore, crucial to identify them quickly to minimise their impact.

Discover the tools that can help you track your budgets against actual expenses, to ensure the transparency of your development project. Control your real estate development projects and streamline your budget processes.


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    Raise Capital
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    ​Calculate land vaue
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    Profit on cost calculation
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    Sensitivity Analysis  

Why Choose Us?


Real Value Solution

We strive to offer scalable and powerful solutions for your business. Our focus on People, Process and Technology are the cornerstone of why our customers choose us for business.


Good Experience

Our years of experience in the industry help us in delivering real value. To continually improve, we ask for feedback from our clients, and we take action on what we hear.


Our Support Team

We all know how frustrating it can be to hit project timescales. Our support service is here to help you, and we strive to provide the best after-sales support possible.

Online Training

Simple, fast, flexible 
and effective 



  • 5x2hr sessions
  • 6 hrs online support
  • Max 2 team members
  • 6-month email support
  • Dedicated help line

Great value one-to-one
bespoke training 



+ Expenses

  • 3-days 5hrs Intensive
  • 12 hrs online support
  • One-on-one
  • 1 year email support
  • Dedicated help line

Build Your Dream Project with our Trusted Service

We’ve heard them all, from exceeded deadlines to abandoned projects. In our years of experience we've only had satisfied clients. Our secret? Hard, passionate work.


Call us: +44 203 916 5066

Kiyiira Property Solutions is a trading name of Azanatek Ltd

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