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Should you decide to visit the development we will arange your pick up and accomodation, (cost is dependant on duration of your stay). However, if you have not pre-arranged you visit, you will most likely be arriving in Uganda by air at Entebbe International Airport that is located in Entebbe. It is located 35km from Kampala and is 45 minutes’ drive,  the journey can take up to 1½ hours during rush hours (early morning and evening). If transport from the airport has not been arranged for you, you can hire a vehicle at a maximum cost of UGX 100,000 ($30/£23) from Entebbe to Kampala.

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Enter your East Africa Time Zone (EAT)GMT + 3 (Nov - March) GMT +2 (April – Oct)
Uganda does not utilise daylight saving time here...

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Kampala has a wide range of restaurants catering to most tastes. You can find good Italian, Indian, Chinese, Korean, West African and other international restaurants.

There are a number of good restaurants in Kololo, in and around Acacia Avenue. Another popular area is Kisementi. Here you can find different restaurants offering a wide range of international cuisines.

There are also two supermarkets that sell both local and imported food. Fresh food can be bought in the supermarkets as well as from the hawkers who offer more favourable prices but have limited varieties. Most restaurants are halal and vegetarians are more likely to find a wide variety of food options in the Indian Restaurants