Our Service
Development Consultancy

Our mission is to:

  • Empower local communities
  • Creat vibrant urban developments 
  • Add value for our Investors, nurture social Capital
  • Honour the environment in which they are situated

The scope of work and the services we can provide are split into 'Pre Development Consultancy and 'Pre Sales' and Pre-Contract Scope'. The following tables provide a detailed description.

The size of the project will determine the cost and requirements of the land/project owner.

  Pre-development consultancy 



I. Survey

Topographic and GPS Survey of the development site, including transport, equipment and CAD and Google Earth File.

II. Conceptual Design,  Masterplan

Including plans, views, sections reference images, a perspective of the project (not including render realistic images) 

III. Design Brief 

Coordination of master planning, detailing design brief, phasing of the project, revised project concept and  presentation.

IV. Feasibility Study

Build one or two show units - only after detailed design and costs and once the whole project calculation has been fixed. 

V. Government Approval

Presentation of proposed project and masterplan to the Development Agency. Licences according to local requirements (Ministry of Land)  

Pre-sales & Pre-contract scope  



I. Detailed Design &  Pre-Contract Work  

Detailed construction design of residential typology of the first phase, Initial Civil Design, QS, and BoQ. Tender of works to receive reliable construction costs. During part 1 the QS will draft BoQ to estimate total construction cost and with that the total Architectural, Civils and Project Management Scope.

II. Branding 

Develop project brand and project identity, design sales material and set up sales strategy.

III. Sales

Design Sales processes, draft legal documents and contracts, set up sales office on site (or any other suitable location), launch marketing campaign for six months (social media, local events, international exhibitions, sales opening event and party on-site). 

IV. Preparation of Sales

Planning and preparing sales site on the plot.

V. Show Unit  Construction & Interior/  Exterior 

Construction of Show Unit with interior design, furniture, Lighting, Sanitary and Electrical.

V. Company Orga 

Coordination of Tax and Legal Consultants, Annual Return Support, Online Registration of Company, Approval of project through ZDA, Permits and legal preparation for project.  

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