Welcome to the Soul - Zanzibar

The new residential resort on the beautiful east coast of Zanzibar. The Soul is the first Residential Development in Zanzibar based on the Condominium Act allowing foreign ownership with full investment protection of the Government of Zanzibar.

Only 400 meters from the breathtaking white sandy beach of Paje, The Soul residents will be embedded in a lush tropical landscape surrounding a beach like lagoon. Modern architecture and; the use of high-quality, durable materials, all based on a state-of-the-art sustainable infrastructure built on permaculture principles will ensure a safe and comfortable stay for you, and; your guests guarantee a secure and value growing investment. 

The Tourism Sector has lately been growing by 15% per annum creating an enormous demand for additional rooms every year. This robust growth together with the annual GDP growth of above 7%, will drive the market for the beautifully designed apartments and the entire resort, and will generate handsome returns on investment and appreciation of capital invested. 

The management of the Soul will support you with long term rentals and of course, assist you and your family and friends during your stay at your apartment making it an unforgettable time on this beautiful Island. The management will also offer the option to add your residence to the rental pool of the Soul which will be professionally managed on a short-term rental -in a Hotel or AirBnB manner.

The expected Nnet return for a long term rental is at around 8% and for the rental pool it is estimated at above 20%, based on modest assumptions of today’s market rates.

Investors Slide Presentation

Estimated ROI based on a 1 Bedroom Apartment at 40,900 USD Purchase Price + 5% Facilitation Fee (if added to rental pool the owner needs to add the standard furniture package of approx. 8,000 USD for a 1B Unit)

Long Term

Short Term

Expected Rental Rate (per month on Long Term, per day
on Short Term = net after deduction of Hotel Levy of 18%)

450 US$

76 US$

Occupancy (average occupancy on the east coast
of Zanzibar is at 65%)

95 %

17,946 US$

Gross Rental Income

5,130 US$

6,281 US$

Service Fee (2$ per sqm living space per month - 1 Bedroom has 32 sqm)

768 US$

768 US$

Rental Pool Management and Marketing Fee
(35% of Gross Rental Income)


6,281 US$

Rental Commission (5% of the Contract Value if leased
out through the Soul Management)

256 US$


Withholding Tax (10% on long term rental income)

513 US$


Net Rental Income per annum

3,592 US$

10,897 US$

ROI from rental income (not considering value appreciation)

8.37 %

21.39 %

Investment Options

The Soul offers investment opportunities for everyone. You can buy a unit for yourself and your family to come and stay or rent it out to friends and guests. Invest in a couple of apartments to support your tourism business in Zanzibar guaranteeing accommodation availability for the growing number of  guests wishing to visit Zanzibar.

Another option is to purchase entire apartment buildings at the Soul annexing them to your business. Start your own hotel room business or add them to the Rental Pool of the soul generating solid returns without any hassle. Whatever it is, the soul has it ready for you.

The Village of Paje, where the Soul is located, is reachable within one hour from the International Airport of Zanzibar daily serving many European and other international destinations as well as the famous National Parks of Tanzania such as the Serengeti and Ngorongoro and the highest peak of Africa - Kilimanjaro.

From Zanzibar, you can comfortably explore the unique adventures Tanzania has to offer and return to your lush and green haven close to the white beaches and turquoise waters of Zanzibar before returning home.

The Soul is made for you!

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